Early Alert, Advising, & Retention Management

Copley simplifies daily advising workflow with an easy-to-use solution that manages identification of at-risk students, automated interventions, and remediation outcomes on centralized notes and files.

Proactive Student Success Practices

Copley works with Faculty, Tutors and Supplemental Instructors to gain platform buy-in and facilitate high impact practices that enhance student engagement, collaboration, motivation, and support.


System & Data Integration

Over five years of continuous research and development have gone into the creation of Copley’s unique student success and retention solutions.

Our one-of-a-kind LTI1 compliant platform securely integrates LMS, SIS and Copley created data for real time reporting that identifies “On Path,” “At Risk,” and “Off Path” student performance.

“Copley is a rising star in student success and a resource of choice for anyone interested in improving student persistence and retention performance metrics”
Adam Musolino, MA Associate Director, First Year Advising and New Student Programs

Early Alerts

LMS/Academic Performance
Faculty Referrals
Progress Reports
Student Self-Reporting
Survey Results

Success Practices

First Year Navigation
Student Collaboration
Tutor Management
Supplemental Instruction
Online Study Groups

Who We Empower

Institutional Leadership
Advising Departments
Tutors & SI’s

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