Our tools and best practices support positive student outcomes that contribute directly to institutional objectives for academic success, persistence and retention.

Copley Retention 4.0 is a cross-campus solution that supports the initiatives and responsibilities of all student success stakeholders. Our platform aggregates multi-system data to streamline workflow associated with the early identification and advising of at-risk students, and provides intervention, remediation, and collaboration tools to help keep students on path from admittance to graduation.

Data driven solutions for student success

  • Meaningful, real-time performance data and unique institution modeling that identify risk and facilitate action
  • LMS and SIS integration with Copley platform to inform targeted analytics and reporting for all support stakeholders. 

Early Alerts

LMS/Academic Performance
Faculty Referrals
Progress Reports
Student Self-Reporting
Survey Results

Success Practices

First Year Navigation
Student Collaboration
Tutor Management
Supplemental Instruction
Online Study Groups

Who We Empower

Institutional Leadership
Advising Departments
Tutors & SI’s

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