Early Alert, Advising, & Retention Management

Copley simplifies daily advising workflow with an easy-to-use solution that manages identification of at-risk students, automated interventions, and remediation outcomes on centralized notes and files.

Proactive Practices for Student Success

Copley works with Faculty, Tutors and Supplemental Instructors to gain platform buy-in and facilitate high impact practices that enhance student engagement, collaboration, motivation, and support.


System & Data Integration

Over five years of continuous research and development have gone into the creation of Copley’s unique student success and retention solutions. Our one-of-a-kind LTI1 compliant platform securely integrates LMS, SIS and Copley created data for real time reporting of retention metrics that identify “On Path,” “At Risk,” and “Off Path” performance.

“Copley is a rising star in student success and a resource of choice for anyone interested in improving student persistence and retention performance metrics” – Adam Musolino, MA Associate Director, First Year Advising and New Student Programs

Early Alerts

LMS/Academic Performance
Faculty Referrals
Progress Reports
Student Self-Reporting
Survey Results

Success Practices

First Year Navigation
Student Collaboration
Tutor Management
Supplemental Instruction
Online Study Groups

Who We Empower

Institutional Leadership
Advising Departments
Tutors & SI’s

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